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 Our organization, which is W.O.A., Inc., is an organization that is deeply concerned with the improvement of the overall quality and standard of living for all individuals. I am LaBrosker (Sandy) C. Purcell, President of W.O.A. Organizations. W.O.A. Organizations is a seventeen (17) year old public charity. W.O. A. Organization is a Non- profit 501 © 3 Public Charity.


We are presently located in Florida, Georgia, and here in North Carolina. There are several entities that are under our organizational umbrella. Each of these entities is concerned with the betterment of the total individual. We are concerned with the wholeness, soundness, and wellness of all people of all ages from all walks of life. Each of our entities is highly functional, and each of them contributes significantly to the enhancement of the communities and outlying areas in which we are located.


One of our most interactive and proactive entity-related projects is our “Send A Child Back to School Program.” What does Send a Child Back to School encompass? It assists in aiding a child during a calendar school year. It does this by supplying clothing, shoes, etc. It also provides monies toward school activities. The program was set up to help underprivileged children and homeless youth .


We believe “every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential .” Our goal is to reach those who are poverty stricken and low income from every ethnic group .


Awesome! Awesome!

This program (send a child) was truly a great help in aiding my son Tyler during his first year, going to Ashville University the donations come every time there was a need.


Thank you!

V. Womack   Durham, NC

Right on Time (send a child)


My family and I are homeless our creator knows our needs, I didn’t know someone was observing

the needs of my family.  Women of Access gave us a donation which enabled me to buy clothes,

for my children.


Grateful & Thankful

N. Evans  Durham, NC

Angel Sent: Send A Child Program


My children all in were in elementary school and the free lunch program had expired.  I was out of work. Sandy Purcell was informed about my situation by an associate of mine. Ms. Sandy went to the school and paid the entire delinquent lunch fee and gave monies in advance for lunches for all (3) of my children. It didn’t stop there; she then arrived at my residence and gave me $100 cash for my groceries from W.O.A / Send A Child Program. I no longer live in Albany, Ga. I now reside in Mississippi and have wish W.O.A. had a presence here.

Forever Grateful

V. Jackson  Glendora, Ms.



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